Chapter 2 of the Public version is released!

Oathbreaker S2 is now updated with Chapter 2!

For the regular download version, just re-download the game files to your computer and move your old save files into the new save files folder!

For app version, you need to uninstall / install the game. But make sure you move your save files somewhere safe before you uninstall the game. You can find your save files through the Open folder in explorer option if you right click the game in the app : Oathbreaker-Season2_Data > NaninovelData > Saves

Known bugs / issues of this chapter

  • During the battle scene if you choose the "Sanctuary" option, the skills maybe be locked. Save and Load while inside the game in the battle scene to activate the skills again.


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May 25, 2020
⭐ Mac Download ⭐
May 25, 2020
⭐ Linux Download ⭐
May 25, 2020

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I'm on the app on mac, but I can't access my safe files through the method you described. I only have a "show in finder" option which leads to a folder called "oathbreaker-season-2" which only contains the game itself...

I don't support macs, but it should be in your Application Support folder as most unity game save files are.

can someone explain how I can download chapter 1 & 2 I am struggling. >3<

I like the transitions between the scenes way more in the new chapter. Raelan talking about Lea with Cat before the next scene with our favorite Spymater builds up some anticipation and makes the storyline seem smoother! Just a small thing that I really appreciate :) 

The fight with the second champion is bugged for me

Before the Chapter 2 update, I could fight him but now I cannot, the game won't let me select attacks.

It's the only problem I encountered so far :-)!


Please read the "Known bugs / issues of this chapter" written on this page. :)


You're the best!

Yay *-*

It's my birthday today so I really feel blessed !